California for the Weekend

I am super excited for this weekend because I get to visit my hometown San Diego, California. It’s just a quick trip Friday- Sunday, but it’s important because I get to help my best friend, Samantha, celebrate her 21st birthday! Sam and I have known each other since we were just tiny embryos. Our mothers met before they were out of high school and stayed friends until years later they both got married and ended up pregnant with the girls around the same time. Sam was born just two shorts weeks before me, and although we call ourselves friends, we are more like sisters.


We use the term sister because although we always begged our moms to let us hang out after a few hours we would always end up fighting. Our fights were often over who would get to play Sailor Moon and have been known to end up in us tied together until we agreed to hug and make up. Other times our parents would make us pick up dog poop or sit in time out until we agreed to get along. Of course the second we were away from one another we would immediately ask our parents to get us together again.


Unfortunately when I was eleven my family moved from California to Arizona. A few years after that and Sam moved with her family to Chicago, Illinois. Incredibly our friendship has stayed intact. Of course, there were times where we didn’t speak for years, but I hope those are all behind us now. Sam is back in California just a six hours car ride, or quick hour flight away. We have seen each other more in the past year than in all nine years prior. I hope we can keep it up because it’s rare and precious to have a relationship like ours.

Happy Birthday to my sister, I can’t wait to see you!

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  1. Mo

    Found your blog through Brianna when she featured her design for your site! Looks great! Saw in your about me that you’re pursuing journalism as well–That’s awesome! I graduate in May with my BA in journalism!


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