Guilty Pleasures


Guilty Pleasures

I was planning on writing a post today about jury duty. I got called on Monday and have spent the last two weeks serving on a case. Since that’s pretty boring I thought I’d just list my top five guilty pleasures.


1. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

I don’t even know where to start with this show! It’s all about Gypsies or ‘Travelers’ that live in the United Stated, but still hold on to their traditions.  Their weddings revolve around showing off and having the biggest most outrageous dress. If you ever have nothing to do for an entire weekend I suggest watching My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on Netflix or TLC.


2. Law and Order: SVU

I originally started watching Law and Order: SVU because you can turn on the T.V at any time of the day and find at least two channels playing reruns. If you don’t have cable it’s not a problem because they have some seasons on Netflix! Things I’ve learned from watching Law and Order: SVU- it’s never the first person you suspect. If someone confesses before the forty-five minute mark then the episode will take a drastic turn, and by the end you probably be talking about a completely different crime.


3. The Vampire Academy Book Series

I understand that the last thing anyone needs right now is yet another series of vampire books, I mean, really, who can keep up anymore? But I bought the first book in the Vampire Academy series on a whim and instantly fell in love. I completed the entire series in a little over two weeks and I am gearing up to start the sister series of books, bloodline.


4. Teen Mom Two

This is probably the most embarrassing show to admit that I like. I don’t go out of my way to watch it, I don’t even know what time it airs; but, if I’m scrolling through channels and it is on then I’m stopping to watching it, even if I’ve seen the episode before. I have been known to spend my entire day off watching one episode after another.

5. House Hunters

The original House Hunters, House Hunters International, and house Hunters Island I love them all! I’ve read all the blogs, so I know full and well that the show is entirely fake, but I still watch it. This is my only guilty pleasure that Nick watches with me. We like to guess which house they’ll pick (somehow we’re both always wrong.)

I think everyone has at least a few guilty pleasures. What are yours? Comment and let me know! Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Krystal

    Yes to this list except SVU. Who doesn’t like house hunters? Fake or not if there’s nothing else to watch I’m on HGTV! (found you through Brianna’s blog)

    1. Haley Kennedy Post author

      Hi Krystal!
      So glad you found my blog 🙂
      If they’re having a marathon I can definitely watch house hunters for days, it really is the best HGVT has to offer


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