Ten Mistakes You’re Probably Making at Work

10 mistakes

 1. Limiting yourself

Sometimes, as a woman, you can be your own worst enemy.  Sure, one-day you want to have a family, but if you aren’t already pregnant then don’t worry about what career will work with your family. Women say ‘I won’t pursue that opportunity because eventually I’ll have kids.’ That is you limiting yourself, once you have kids you can figure it out don’t worry about it yet.

2. Dressing for the job you have, not the job you want

When getting dressed in the morning you want to make sure 1. There are no visible undergarments (Underwear, bars etc.) 2. Everything fits correctly. Clothes too loose look sloppy and clothes too tight and you will look inappropriate and provocative. 3. Make sure you would feel comfortable seeing your CEO if he randomly showed up.

3. Not speaking up for fear of being too ‘bossy’

Unfortunately, when young girls are growing up, showing leadership skills often gets them called bossy. When you are older and in the business world there is sometimes another ‘B word’ that gets associated with women of power or women who show leadership abilities. If you are a strong woman it’s possible you’ll get called the ‘B word’ at some point in your career.  Show your leadership abilities when you get the opportunity and don’t worry about what others will say.

4. Showing off the newest nail art

Everyone likes to have the best and cutest nail art. The problem is when you meet clients, or a supervisor, having outrageous nail art seems childish. If you’re going to get your nails done, stay with a classic French or just a simple nude. Always keep a small bottle of nail polish remove in your purse. Once your nails start to chip take off all the polish so you don’t look sloppy.

5. Wearing the wrong shoes

I know in the movies successful women always walk around with sky high heels, but that’s just not realistic. The last thing you want is to trip when walking around the office, or not be able to keep up when walking with someone else. I try to stick with heels that are no higher than three inches. Sneakers and flip flops are a big no no so don’t even go there.

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