10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making at Work

part two

6. Doing too many favors

When someone asks me for a favor my initial reaction is always ‘yes!’ Unfortunately, I answer before I consider the fact that I am crazy busy and barely have time to get my own work done. So I find myself staying up late and spending all my free time on these favors that I agreed to. I’m not saying ‘never help anyone,’ but before you say yes, think about your current commitments. Ask yourself if you have time to do this favor without killing yourself. This is my biggest mistake and I need to learn that it is okay to say the word ‘no’ sometimes.

7. Abusing Social Media

This is something new to our generation. If you are looking for a job or have one now check ALL your social media sites. As a general rule I like to think of my social media sites as movies and I need them to have at least a PG rating. If you wouldn’t want your boss/ pastor/ grandparent to see it don’t put it on the Internet! Once you do have a steady job it’s important to keep work separate from social media. If you get mad at a coworker do not go on a Twitter rant about, I have seem employees fired for that. Be conscious of everything you put out there, because someone will find it.

8. Forgetting to toot your own horn, every once in a while

It’s weird and awkward to talk about yourself, but I can assure you no one else will. It is possible your supervisor is overseeing a large number of people and he/she is not going to remember that night you worked overtime, or the time you helped your coworker finish their project. You have to take responsibility and let your supervisor know that ways you are improving the company.

9. Obsessing about work at the Expense of your Social Life

Unless you own the entire company, you should not feel obligated to push aside everything in your social life.  It is important that you keep a nice balance. Worrying about work when you are not on the clock doesn’t help anything. Devote yourself completely to work while you are at work. When you go home at the end of the day you need leave everything at the office and think about your family, or pet, or imaginary friend.

10. Gossiping

DON’T DO THIS! If there is only one thing you take away from this post let it be gossiping! Knowing information is exciting and I it always makes me feel important, but it’s not worth it. Being the office gossip makes you look untrustworthy and unprofessional. I don’t have to go on forever about this because I’m sure you get the picture.

What are some of the mistakes you think young women make in the office? What advice would you give to a young professional? Comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making at Work

    1. Haley Kennedy Post author

      I’m so lucky to have a job where I can’t take it home, but I use to do it all the same. Sometimes I would feel productive, other times I would just make myself crazy :/


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