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Today, I’m super excited because I’m doing my first ever Link up! I decided to link up with Stephanie  and Mallory from Boys Behind the Blog! This is a time where I can take a break and let Nick do something for a change. Plus it gives me a great opportunity to share some cute pictures of Nick!


Mal Smiles
1. Your wife’s blog is it a blessing or curse? 
Blessing, it gives her a great opportunity to creatively express herself
2. Do you read Haley’s blog? 
Yes I do! I have to check up on what she’s saying about me!
3. What’s one thing you think you do better than anyone else? 
Just one? Ping pong and FIFA
4. What’s your favorite sitcom from the 90’s?
Definitely Seinfeld! Still a great TV show today.
5. If you could open a business or shop what would it be and what goods or
services would you sell? 
Most likely some kind of sporting goods store or a rock climbing gym.
DSC_0174 IMG_0215

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