25 Facts About Myself

 Happy Saturday everyone, well I guess technically it’s now Sunday, so happy Easter! I thought I’d write an about me post since I’m still new to the blogging world! 

25 facts pictures



1. I have about a million different careers that I want to have someday.  Right now my plan is law school to become a criminal prosecutor.

2. Great White Sharks are by far my favorite animals. I think they are perfect

3. I met my husband while we worked together at In N Out, if you haven’t heard of it look it up now!


4. I have a younger sister and brother; I’m obsessed with both of them and think they’re the coolest people ever. My brother is 18 and my sister is 11.


5. I keep a full size notebook in my purse all times, because I will get the urge to write just about anywhere

6. I kept putting off starting this blog because I was so nervous to open myself up to criticism

7. I have the opportunity to read at work and typically I’ll read 15 novels a month

8. My birthday is in April and I will be 21 this year!

9. Traveling is my favorite hobby, a life goal is to visit all 50 states and 50 countries


(Visiting Italy with my grandparents in 2011)  

10. I’m a shopping addict.  Clothes, beauty products, office supplies, I’ll buy anything.

11. I would rather sleep in every day instead of waking up to do my hair

12. Part of the reason for starting this blog was to force myself to take more pictures. I spent 6 months in Florida and only took a handful of pictures.

13. I was on my high school cheer team for a year

14. The rest of my high school experience was spent in theater

15. My favorite role was in the musical Cats, and that show will always have a special place in my heart

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16. Snakes are my biggest fear

17. When I’m stressed or upset, cleaning can always make me feel better

18. My husband and I only dated two months before getting engaged, but we waited two years till we actually got married



(Yes, that’s really how he asked me) 

19. I grew up in San Diego, but was moved to Phoenix but the 6th grade

20. Right now I’m living in an apartment with Nick (my husband) and three other guys, Nick signed the lease before we got married so I’m stuck here until July

21.  More than half the music on my iPod is Musicals or Movie soundtracks

22. I don’t know how to curl hair, I drive to my moms house if I need my hair to be curled

23.I’ve planned out my whole life for after I win the Lottery ( it is hard to win, since I don’t play)

24. I could watch the movie Something Borrowed everyday and be totally happy with life

25.  I hate the color lavendar


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