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This month is 10 favorites for Travel! I’m super excited because traveling is by far my favorite hobby. I decided to switch it up a little bit and post my 10 favorite vacation spots! Enjoy!

1. Italy- I have always been obsessed with Italy and I truly believe I was made to  live in this country. I visited in the summer of 2011 for my graduation gift and it was the most amazing vacation of my life. Italy has everything, Rome and Piza might be full of tourist, but the amount of history is incredible.  Tuscany is quiet with many rolling hills and adorable small villages; personally, my kind of vacation. There is also Venice, the floating city, and Capri for the beach lovers.

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2. Hawaii- I visited with my family when I was in grade school and was lucky enough to come back a few months ago with Nick for our honeymoon. Besides the wonderful beaches, Oahu offers great nightlife, Maui offers a romantic get away, the Big Island has active volcanoes and black sand beaches, and lastly Kauai has a low key feel with lush greens.



 3. Orlando- Even though I lived there for six months I still consider Orlando the perfect vacation spot! Can you say Disney world? Four separate theme parks, two water parks and a shopping area, Orlando is perfect for family fun.  Stay at a Disney hotel, get the meal plan and have a blast!

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 4. Jamaica- I have been to Jamaica twice, both times with my high school youth group. Because we were there working I didn’t spend my days laying on the beach or sitting poolside, but I did gain an appreciation for the island. More beautiful than the beaches and jungles are the people. I have met some of the warmest thankful people living on the island, and I can’t wait to get back and visit.


 5. Bahamas- Although I haven’t stayed on the island, I have been on a few cruises that stopped there and it was amazing.  A highlight of my trip was touring the Atlantis Hotel. The beaches are warm and the water is clear. A trip to the Bahamas would not be complete without walking through the flee market bargaining with locals.

6. New York City- Can anyone say Broadway? I feel like that in itself is enough to make anyone hop on a plane! The first time I visited was right after Thanksgiving so New York was in Christmas mode. All the storefronts had lights and the air was crisp.  It’s hard to explain, but you could basically feel Christmas.


 7. San Francisco-  San Francisco has beautiful weather, delicious food and a creepy old prison, everything you need in a long weekend. The best thing about San Fran is Alcatraz; you can walk through the prison with headphones listening to the tour on your own. You don’t have to worry about stupid questions or the tour guide walking too fast. The food in the city is to die for, lots of fresh seafood on fisherman’s Warf, or my personal favorite The Stinking Rose for my fellow garlic lovers.

8. Las Vegas- I’ve only been once since I turned 21, but gambling and drinking aren’t the only way to have fun in Sin City.  Walking through the hotels is a fun way to visit other countries without flying half way around the world. Las Vegas offers shows for those of us who enjoy musicals, or cirque du soleil for anyone who wants to see something completely captivating.

9. Washington DC- For history buffs the Washington D.C. area is a must visit. Jamestown Virginia is just a drive away where you can see the first United States settlement. Pocahontas fans will be happy to know this is where she met John Smith. Must see’s in D.C include The White House, Arlington Cemetery, and the Smithsonian.


10.  San Diego – I never appreciated San Diego until my family moved to Arizona. San Diego has everything you could want in a vacation spot. Of course everyone loves the beach, and the year round perfect weather, but there is so much more! Personally it is not a trip to San Diego without a trip to SeaWorld (yes, I saw Blackfish, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to pet stingrays and dolphins.)  For people who prefer land animals they have the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. Also make sure on your next trip to San Diego you stop by Slater’s 50/50 Burgers! The most amazing burger you will ever eat!



Thanks for stopping by, comment and tell me what are you favorite vacation stops and why?


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