10 Things I Will Never be Great at

This post isn’t suppose to be me hating on myself or anything. I just decided sometimes in life there are things you don’t excel at and instead of feeling bad about them I like to laught at them.

1. Parking- It’s not that I’m bad at parking, but backing into spots and parallel parking are just things I’ll never be good at.

2. Spelling- There are two types of people in this world, people who are good at spelling and people who can’t spell to save their life. I’m part of the second category. The only reason my posts aren’t littered with misspelled words is because my amazing husband checks every post for me.

3. Hiding my emotions- This is a little more serious, but if I’m sad I’m going to cry. I can’t stop it and I can’t hide it.

4. Time Management- Just to clarify I’m not terrible at time management as much as I procrastinate and over commit myself. I am working on how to say ‘no.’

5. Going to the gym- Literally, I can’t do it. I always get so optimistic and I’ll buy myself a membership. Three months later I’ve gone maybe once or twice so i cancel it.

6. Waking up in the morning- I always set my alarm with plenty of time to shower, dry and style my hair and apply make up, yet every morning I hit snooze at least three times and I’m lucky if I even dry my hair and put on mascara.

7. Calling people back- Text me. End of story.

8. Getting unplugged- I am a social media/ IPhone addict. I feel like i need to be connected to the internet 24/7 or I freak out.

9. Eating healthy- I just hate vegetables and I love Alfredo sauce too much to eat healthy.

10- Saving money- I’m a spender, if I get stressed or upset nothing makes me feel better than spending money. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work very well when I’m on a budget.

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