All in the Family

What a busy week/ weekend. Since my last post things have been just crazy. These past weeks have been filled with family news so I thought I’d share all family news with you guys!

Alright, here it goes, at the end of May my favorite brother, Chase, graduated from high school, although I couldn’t be there because of work I sent Nick! Later in the week I was able to celebrate with the family at our favorite teppenyaki restaurant Ah-so! I was lucky enough to get to sit between both graduates!

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A little while after the graduation Nick has his annual company Picnic! In n out truly is an amazing company, and they rented out an entire water part for friends and family. We had a great time eating burgers, going down slides and catching up with friends.


Okay, we are really moving through the end of May/ Beginning of June. The performance group that my mother and I teach together called Confetti had their end of the year show! It was an amazing turn out we have been overseeing this group for three years and this was our biggest group of kids ever! We are excited to start next season, and hopefully get even more kiddos.

Staying with the theater theme we got the news in late May that my amazing and very talented sister would play the role of Michael Darling in Peter Pan at a professional theater in Arizona. This is her third professional show and she is only 11 years old. She is definitely a special girl. Below is also a picture of my Mom who played the role of Wendy when she was in high school.


(But really, how perfect is my Mom?) 

Wow we’re finally up with this week. Nick and I officially moved out of the apartment with roommate which is awesome, but the condo we’re renting won’t be available for two months so my grandparents have been gracious enough to let us live with them/ house sit for the remaining time. Since they are constantly traveling we basically have the house to ourselves and just have to remember to water the plants. Most recently they were in Hawaii with my sister and cousin celebrating their 50th anniversary. They are my biggest inspiration when it comes to my relationship with Nick. In honor of their anniversary here is my favorite picture of them taken a few days before they were married at the US Air Force Academy.


What are you been doing for summer 2014? Make sure to comment and let me know!


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