From the Page to the Screen


It’s no secret that I love reading, so I’m always excited when I find out a book, or series, I like Is being made into a movie. However, immediately after I get nervous, because lets be honest, there is nothing worse that an amazing book being made into a crappy movie. I wanted to share some of the more memorable movie adaptations in my mind.


The Fault In Our Stars– Amazing, by far my favorite adaption. The characters worked so well on screen and I feel like the overall theme was perfectly captured. The Anne Frank voice-overs they used while they visited the house was my favorite addition. I think it added to the emotion in the scene, there were of course a few things missing, but you can never get every single word from the book to the movie.

 The Hunger Games– I was so impressed with the way this movie captured the seriousness and heaviness of the ‘games’ without glorifying the violence and making every scene a blood bath. I thought the first movie was perfection. I know some fans were upset because Katniss didn’t do any voice-overs therefore you were not able to hear her thoughts during the games, however I think the direction the movie went using the Capitol announcers to educate the viewers was both clever and fit the movie better. Personally I think voice-overs would have been cheesy in a movie like this so I stand by the director’s decisions.

 Divergent– Gosh, there are so many things I love about this movie. Disclaimer, out of all these books/movies this is my favorite story so I may be a bit biased. I thought the casting was perfect and I really enjoyed the costumes, character portrayals, and the set. That being said I felt like Tris and Four didn’t get their story told so much in the movie. In the book you can watch their friendship/ relationship as it progresses and I feel like the movie skipped some important conversations. The other disappointment for me was the ending. If you’ve read the book you know that they completely changed that around, I understand maybe the book ending wasn’t as action packed, but they added in a lot and I feel like their changes could definitely effect the second and even third movie.

Ella Enchanted– Biggest disappointment! I read Ella Enchanted back in 5th grade and fell in love, I have read the book probably over a dozen times in the past ten years and I never get tired of it. It is such a beautiful way to retell the Cinderella story. That being said the movie was probably the worst thing I have ever seen. I have only seen it once when it first came out and I refuse to see it again because I feel like it is such an injustice to such a powerful book. They basically kept the character names, added a plot, made it a silly musical and killed my soul along the way.

Flowers in the Attic– The Lifetime movie was so poorly done that I feel like I can’t talk about it. What was worse the fact that they took out major plot point or that the acting was so terrible I was laughing when I should have been crying? I honestly can’t say… It was such a creepy enticing novel made into a goofy made for TV movie.


Have you seen any of these adaptations? Make sure you comment and share your thoughts!

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