Marriage Expectation VS Realities


Considering Nick and I have only been married six months I would not consider myself a marriage expert. That being said there are SO MANY things that I thought about marriage and once I actually got married I realized they were crap.

Expectation- I’m going to snuggle and cuddle every night while I sleep
Reality- The only time we’re touching is when I’m getting elbowed in the face

Expectation- We are going to hang out all the time and go on so many cute dates
Reality- We haven’t had the same day off in two weeks, and I’m always asleep when you get home from work. If we do want to go on a date we have to plan it like six weeks in advance.

Expectation- I’m going to be a great housewife and do your laundry and make you dinner
Reality- I’ve already worked forty hours this week, lets get pizza and do laundry together

Expectation- We will find all these funny shows that will become ‘our shows’
Reality- So you only want to watch ESPN and I want to watch food network. How about we watch our shows in separate rooms and text each other?

Expectation- We will be grown ups, and we will feel like grown ups, and life will be so fun
Reality- Wait so the only difference between being a kid and adult is bills and no summer vacation?

Obviously this was meant to be funny and I am so happy to be married to Nicholas. I wouldn’t trade getting married young for anything in the world. What realities did you find when you got married? Comment and let me know!

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