Mimosas for Everyone

It’s August and I’m back!

So, I took a month break from blogging, but I’m glad to be back in the daily grind. June/July was a crazy month full of family vacations, parties, school, and work! I just did not have the time to spare for blogging.

The good news is that I passed my abnormal psychology class with a 93! It was my first time taking an accelerated class while also working full time. Since it all worked out I’ve already signed up for some fall classes.

Jumping around a little bit, but in July my entire family traveled to Palm Springs to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary. It was an amazing weekend full of family, close friends and fun. We started each day with a mimosa bar (Pictures below) and spent most days sitting by the pool or checking out the outlets.



Saturday night we had a catered dinner at the facilities clubhouse. Having the artsy family that I do, we sang a song for my grandparents, and put on a little ‘how they met skit.’ The weekend could not have been any better! My grandma and I had been planning since December and everything from the welcome bags (pictures below), to the planned activities went smoothly!


After I returned to AZ I went right back into party mode and I helped my mom plan my sister’s 60’s beach party. I never had huge birthday parties as a kid, but my sister is obsessed with making sure each party has a theme and has a bunch of kids. Here’s some fun pictures of the things we did for her party. (note the ice cream/ brownie/ beach cake that I make from scratch!)


Anyways, I think that’s enough info for today! Check back later this week for my June/ July reading wrap up with some awesome books!

Comment and let me know what you’ve been up to this summer!

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