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Hi blog world, I’m still alive just had a pretty busy few months. As most of you know in November I married my favorite person Nick and so much has been happening the past 11 months! When we were first married Nick had about 8 months left on his lease so I moved in with him (after the wedding of course) with Nick also came three other roommates. I loved getting to know his friends and after having people around, but I mean we were newlyweds and wanting alone time. Fast forward to June. We found a condo we loved conveniently owned by my grandparents, however the current tenants weren’t moving out for a few months so my grandparents graciously offered to let us stay with them for the remaining two and a half months. Also awesome because my grandma is a great cook, but now finally after 11 months of marriage we’re finally moving into out place!!!

We started by painting the entire condo (Nick got to paint all the high parts)IMG_1437

Now were tiling the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hall way.IMG_1473 (Yes that’s me with a HUGE saw) IMG_1455

Currently out couches are in plastic, our fridge is in the dining room, and our stove is out of commission, but I’m hoping with hard work and all the help we’ve been getting from our families the condo will be ready by Halloween!IMG_1476

Can’t wait to share photos of the finished product. Have you ever gone through renovations or updated? Comment and let me know any advice you have : )

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  1. Linda Woody

    Hi Cousin Haley, Fine job doing your renovations. I especially think you have great finishes and design. Your choice of floor tile was nice. Keep it up and only do what you know you will like long-term.


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