Sometimes you Just Need to do Nothing

So it’s 9:45pm on a Friday night and I’m sitting on my couch like I have been all day. For the past few months everything has been nonstop between moving, working more hours and fixing up the condo I feel like I’ve barely even had time to breathe.

This morning I work up realizing I did not have work, teach dance, or go to Nick’s softball game. At first I started creating a mental list of everything I could do to keep me busy things like clean the grout with a toothbrush, reorganize the pantry and shine all the door handles. Finally I decided on staying in my pajamas and not doing anything.Photo on May-11-12 at 12.55 PM #2

Since Nick didn’t have to go into work until 4pm today we used our morning to watch Netflix documentaries and just catch up (between our work schedules we hardly get to see each other). After Nick went to work I took a well-deserved nap, followed by laying on the couch watch the entire first season on Gilmore Girls.

Tomorrow I am sure that I will regret not washing any dished or mopping the floor, but for tonight I am happy and ready to go back to work tomorrow!

PS I have not been writing about books because I have barely been reading. I do have about 7 half finished books on my desk right now and my goal is to read them all by January.

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