5 Thing you need to enjoy your Christmas Eve

christmas eve


Christmas is my favorite time of year, but since Nick is working today I’m spending Christmas Eve day alone. I decided to make a list of of all the things that make today great whether you are alone or with the whole family.

  1. Cozy Christmas socks- One of my dance students got me the most amazing fuzzy socks that look like little elf shoes. I will not be taking them off anytime soon!
  2. Christmas Decorations- There is nothing better than looking up from the couch and seeing a tree covered in lights and our stockings hung up on the wall.
  3. Candles- One of my biggest obsessions, Bath and Body Works hooked a girl up this year. Their Fresh Balsam candle makes the whole house smell like a forest.
  4. Hot Chocolate- Bailey’s not required, but whipped cream is.
  5. Christmas Movies/ Christmas episodes of your favorite show- Personally there is nothing I love more than watching every Christmas episode of The Office.

What is your favorite Christmas Eve must have? Comment and let me know!

One thought on “5 Thing you need to enjoy your Christmas Eve

  1. Linda Woody

    Merry Christmas Cousin Haley (Nick too of course)! My wishes for you are a tremendous year in 2015 full of happiness, fun, good health and prosperity!


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