New Year Resolutions


Happy New Year! I realize I probably should have posted this on the first, but the holidays were so busy and I’ve been fighting off a nasty cold. Anyways, I’ve never been much of a resolution person in the past, but I decided to go for it.

  1. Get Serious About Blogging– This has always just been a fun thing for me to do and I haven’t worried about when I’m posting or what I’m writing about. In 2015 my goal is to post at least once a week and I really want to write more about recipes and DIY projects.
  2. Take more pictures– this kind of goes hand in hand with blogging. My biggest problem is that I rarely take pictures, and who likes a blog without pictures?
  3. Go to church every weekend– Nick and I both work on weekends and it makes it difficult for us to go to church each week. In 2015 I think it’s important that we go every week, even if we can’t go together. Our relationship with God is the most important relationship in our life, and without going to church every week it’s hard to make that relationship grow.
  4. Create a work space– Right now, in our condo, if I need to blog or do any small amount of work at home I use the laptop on the couch or on the bed, which gets really distracting; especially since both Gilmore Girls and Friends are now on Netflix. My goal is to get a desk and set it up somewhere away from a T.V within the next year.
  5. Pay off student debts/ manage money– This is pretty self explanatory. Nick and I have one car we’re paying off and his student loans, I know it’s unrealistic to pay them all off in one year, but if we could at least knock out the student loans that would be pretty awesome.

I’ll keep you guys updated to let you know how these turn out. Comment and let me know what your resolutions are!

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