5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress Level

Hey guys, happy Monday!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post forever and recently stuff has been getting so crazy at work I felt like it was the right time. I’ve been finding myself getting overwhelmed and I came up with 5 easy things I do to keep my stress level down.


  1. Stay Organized– Keeping a planner on me at all times, and writing anything and everything down helps me visualize my days and makes it easier to prioritize. Plus there is something very calming about always knowing what you need to do and when.
  2. Set reminders– This goes hand in hand with staying organized. I do this with my work calendar, but you can do this with your phone as well. Every time I have a meeting my computer will automatically remind me 30 min before it starts. It ensures that I don’t miss anything and I don’t have to worry about checking my calendar every 2 seconds.
  3. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths– When my mind starts racing and I feel like I have too much going on I take 20 seconds to close my eyes and breath. It gives my brain a chance to relax.
  4. Ask for help– Sometimes I get this feeling that I need to do everything on my own, but that’s not the case. I’ll ask Nick to pick up a rotisserie chicken, or drop off my dry cleaning. It’s easy for him and just getting that small thing off my plate can feel like a huge accomplishment.
  5. Say No– I always want to take on more, but there are times when I just can’t handle anything else. It is important to know when you are at your limit and when taking on additional tasks can set you over the edge.



What do you do to keep from getting stressed, comment and let me know!

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