Thursday Night Thoughts

So we’re one week into February and this year is already moving too fast. Nick and I are both really focused on our careers and should both be moving into management positions in the next two months. I was accepted into a management pool at work last week and came home to my favorite color roses!IMG_2077
Because there is no such thing at ‘too busy’ I’m also choreographing the spring musical for a high school near my home. As you guys know I’m a huge Disney fan, and now I get to work on Little Mermaid Jr. so that is fantastic. We had auditions in January and let me tell you, I have never heard so many amazing singers at one school! little-mermaid-gif
The best part of February is that Nick and I are taking a trip to Las Vegas. We tend to drive there once or twice a year since it’s such an easy drive. Nick likes to play roulette and I like to shop so we always have a good time. My dad and his girlfriend just went last week and she brought us back these glasses, they’re made out of old wine glasses. I am so in love with them and can’t wait to buy more when we go.IMG_2101

Hope you’re having a great week. Has anything exciting happened to you so far this year?

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