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Hi everyone, I have some very good news. The container store just opened up a huge store less than five miles from my house! Well it’s good news for me, bad news for my wallet. I thought I’d share my favorite things!
Right now my bathroom cabinets are out of control and in desperate need of organization systems.
This is perfect for my bathroom since I loath having things sitting out of my counter top. HideNsinkCaddy10049528_x

Okay, this is kind of cheating because I already have one to keep all my lush stuff in order. I think I am due for another one though, can you ever have too many drawers? 10033093_2DrawerMeshOrganizerWhtV3_6

Okay, fun fact time. About two years ago I sold jewelry for Lia Sophia. It was direct order so I would go to peoples houses and show off all the jewelry. I stopped selling and eventually the company went out of business; however, I have a very large collection of jewelry and I am always on the look out for better ways to store it.

These stacking pieces are amazing!  I have shelves in my closet to I love the idea of keeping these hidden, but they are beautiful and could also look great sitting out of a vanity or counter top. Bonus: they sell a slot that holder glasses and watches as well.
10061940GSupersizeStackerVanillaV3_x 10061940GSupersizeStackerVanillaV1_x

I love these bins to put it in laundry room closet.
Pg 9_Water Hyacinth Bins-4_x

The last thing on my wish list is this under bed storage.  I love to put away my off season clothes to leave more room in my closet for additions.

What are your favorite organization pieces? Comment and let me know!

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