Four Day Weekend

Happy Monday morning! After a four day weekend I feel so refreshed and ready to take on my new opportunity at work. As of today I have been promoted to supervisor in a new department. The timing was just perfect, but my hours are changing and I am going back to working nights. I have a love/ hate relationship with nights, I love sleeping in and I actually have time to get ready before work. On the downside, I find that when I’m working nights I sleep more and spend less time being productive, it is also much harder to get together with my family since they all work normal day shifts.

I was also a part of my friend’s Paul and Anyssa’s wedding this weekend. They are close friends of mine and Nick’s, and their wedding was amazing. It was held in a venue in historic downtown Glendale. There was a beautiful chandelier that they said their vows under, and the entire day felt like a whimsicle fairytale. IMG_2276

To complete my time off I made this delicious chicken piccata, I found the recipe on Pinterest right here. I did make one small alteration, I added the parsley in with the chicken broth and lemon juice instead of using it as a garnish. It turned out amazing and only took about 30 min. Definitely I dish I will be making again in the future!IMG_2266

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! What are some of your favorite dinner dishes? Comment and let me know so I can check them out!

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