My Bridal Shower

Although it has been over a year I wanted to share the pictures from one of my amazing bridal showers with everyone. 1465316_10202423926862159_1012773693_n 994958_10202423928302195_298975687_n 1461190_10202423925502125_64887215_n 1458588_10202423927982187_1106130712_n 1424414_10202423931462274_226738614_n 1464016_10202423930302245_1308132400_n 1454724_10202423931062264_2010847912_n 1469927_10202423926062139_2089147653_n 1461122_10202423930782257_93175299_n 1450664_10202423927582177_1787381303_n 1459283_10202423929422223_1077359705_n 1459842_10202423928862209_932784731_n 1393826_10202423926342146_218672723_n 999620_10202423929902235_866747566_n 942213_10202423926622153_1083781005_nMy maid of honor thought of the tea party theme, “Nick and Haley the perfect blend” and her sister happens to plan the most amazing parties, and was kind enough to put a ton of time and effort into making my shower unforgettable. Make sure you check out her pinterest boards Best of all she is starting her own blog at which should be up and running very soon!

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