Miss Representation

I’ve just watched the documentary Miss Representation Netflix.

71Fr2S+6pAL._SL1131_Let me tell you I am fired up, to the point that I can’t really write a full post. I feel like my brain is going a million miles an hour, and because I feel like sexism is still such a huge debate I’m just not in the mood to feel like I have to defend my thoughts.

I do want to share a story that happened to me this week. I was in a training class with ten other supervisors in my company. A senior manager was giving a presentation and she asked us to raise our hands if we thought our country was ready for a female president. 75% raised their hands. 25% believes regardless of age, educate or experience if the candidate is female she is not capable of running a country. On the flip side over 60 other countries including India, Brazil, Cuba and Germany either currently have a female running their country, or have in the past. I’m horrified, disappointed and embarrassed at how our society views women and their roles.

I encourage you to watch Miss Representation and let me know your thoughts. Are you upset by this, or do you agree that a woman in office would be a detriment to our country? Please comment and let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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