Things That Make Me Happy

Things that make me HappyRecently I was listening to a speaker at work and she was discussing happiness and ways to up your chances of being happy. One of the things she suggested were listing the things you are thankful for each night. I have starting jotting down three things I’m thankful for or make you happy every night. I thought it would be fun to take it to the next level and make a post about it! Some are serious and a few are silly, but none the less all these things make me happy!

  1. Nick and the way he looks at me. I saw this silly quote on Facebook, but it reminded me of two of my favorite pictures! I mean how lucky am I to have a guy like Nick?
    IMG_2341 10310626_10202232445652513_2758464609512064881_nIMG_0195
  2. I love keeping fresh flowers around my house, especially now that it’s spring!
    IMG_2332IMG_2303 IMG_2335
  3. Being close with my family. I’m so grateful to live within 10 miles of both my parents and both of Nick’s parents. We’re also close to one set of my grandparents and I love being within 30 minuets of everyone!H+T_1271 EPCOT_BACKSIDE2_7113438172 IMG_1063 IMG_0242
  4. Nick and I did a bunch of traveling last year. We wanted to keep this year low-key, but somehow we’re planning a weekend in Vegas this summer and we’re heading back to FL again this December!STUDIO_HBTAILOR_7115304279IMG_0182
  5. Trying new recipes! Thanks to pinterest I’m always trying new recipes, normally they turn out really well. I have had a few times where it turned out terrible so Nick and I had to order a pizza, but it’s always fun when we get to cook dinner together.IMG_2266

Obviously this is a tiny list and I have so many other things I am grateful for. What are so things that made you happy this week? Comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Mary

    Oh, I love everything about this post. The frozen picture comparison is priceless, and you’re a lucky girl! And wow what pretty flowers you have. Spring makes me want to have flowers in every room in the house..unfortunately I can’t keep that many flowers alive — but I love your spring/Easter arrangements. 🙂


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