Staying Busy While Your Loved One is Away

So Nick was out of town last week for work, and although we went through long distance for almost a year while we were engaged it was the first time we’d been apart since we have been married. I thought I’d share a few things that I did to keep myself busy while he was away.

staying busy Watch All The Shows Your Partner Hates- I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girls while Nick was gone. Now that he’s been home I’ve barely turned the TV on. It’s the perfect time to catch up on those shows, you have full control of the remote. Don’t blow it!

Try Something New- I ended up watching about 5 hours of make up tutorials on youtube and then experimenting for another 2 hours. I would never watch make up tutorials if Nick was home, so I took full advantage. You can also try out new recipes and if they aren’t any good no one ever has to know.

Work Overtime/ Ahead- This really depends on your job. I offered to stay late or work the shifts nobody wants. For me it made sense, I’s not like I was had many plans so working weird hours was fine. Even better is if you can work ahead, then when your significant other does come home you can spend more time catching up with them.

Spend Time With Your Friends- I notices that since I’ve been married I don’t spend enough time with my friends. That’s something I need to work on all the time, but it’s nice to have things to keep you busy when your missing someone. Having a girls day shopping or going to the spa is a great way to reconnect with friends, and keep your mind off your spouse.

All in all is wasn’t a terrible week and looking back it definitely did fly by. I’m so happy to have Nick home, but I did also realize how important it is to have time away from each other. A week was a long time, but I’m making an effort going forward to spend more time with my friends and not pester Nick when he was to play video games, or go golfing with his friends.

Have you had to deal with distance? What are some of your recommendations to stay busy? Comment and let me know!

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