Don’t Stop Having Fun

Happy Monday! I know it’s late, but I’m basically a vampire now so it’s like afternoon for me. I’m so excited because today I’m writing about my favorite subject, Nick! IMG_0613
This post is inspired by a conversation I was a part of Thursday night. Nick and I were out for dinner and drinks with some of his friends from work, whom I had never met. As we were all saying out ‘goodbyes’ one his friends friends made a comment about how we ‘look like we have a lot of fun together.’ I mean I love that! And, I really do think Nick and I have a ton of fun together.
I know we’ve only been married for a year and a half, but it’s so easy to get married and just stop having fun. I’m excited to share some of the ways we have fun. Disclaimer, Nick and I are super weird so please don’t judge us.
We like to take pictures of each other sleeping. If you read this post you may have seen a picture of Nick sleeping, but you didn’t see is the dozen pictures we have on the computer that we randomly took for no good reason. Sometimes we’ll randomly send them to each other. You should also know that they are not cute pictures, sometimes there is even drool involved. IMG_0324IMG_2141
^^ He always falls asleep with his phone in his hand!!^^
Sometimes he throws towels at me. Okay, this only happened once, but I think it is so funny! We were sitting on the couch and he tosses the towel at my head. Instead of ducking or moving I stayed perfectly still and didn’t move the towel for about 10 min. IMG_0469
^^ This is not a reenactment^^ That is a real picture from the story!
We travel together and take selfless in elevators. IMG_0428

We do almost everything together. From roller coasters to work dinners we like to be together as much as possible. I married my best friend and I am so excited to spend many more years being weird and having fun together! STUDIO_ROCKNRCOASTERRIDE_7115406216DSCN4197

Thanks for stopping by! Comment and let me know some of the things you do to keep having fun!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Having Fun

  1. Isabel

    Aww you guys are so cute! <3 I agree with you completely! For example, some of my classmates from my masters tell me that I should ask permission to my husband to go out with them without him, I find that so insulting. For starters, I don't need to ask for permission and second of all, I am going with him because I have so much when we are together, period!


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