Weekend Recap + #LillyforTarget

This was a really busy weekend for me, as I mentioned before I choreographed Little Mermaid Junior for a high school. This was both their closing and opening weekend all in one. I started Saturday by driving to my community theater to teach a private dance lesson, followed by teaching my regular performances. After that, I went on over to see Little Mermaid Junior for both their afternoon and evening performance. Sunday I woke up early to check out the new Lily for Target line, which I will talk more about later in this post. After a quick lunch with my family, I went back to the high school to see the closing show for Little Mermaid Junior. The kids worked so hard and the show was fantastic! When the show ended, the kids called the director and myself up on stage to give us keepsakes from the show, thank you cards, and flowers! It was such a special experience for me and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with these kids. Then I went back to the house to have a nice quiet night with Nick.11128474_619736868170327_759929195455185191_oIMG_2410I spend like two days straight making those mermaid bra tops, but I love how they turned out!


Now to talk about my Lily for Target experience. Like most people I was very excited to hear about the Lily and Target collaboration, but not entirely thrilled with the execution. I made it to my Target store 2 hours after opening and there were around 10 clothing items left, all in sizes that don’t fit me.
IMG_2423 I was able to snag a few items (pictured above) but still disappointed that I was not able to get any clothing items. What’s worse is the fact that so many people were buying out entire stores, only to jack up the prices and sell it on ebay. I would rather buy from the real Lily Pulitzer site, then pay $100 for a $36 dress. It’s just disappointing to see all this greed and people taking way more than they need to make a huge profit. I would have loved to see Target have a better strategy going into the weekend. The sad truth is that Target and Lilly Pulitzer and both getting a ton of free media coverage and in the end I’m sure this will pay off for both companies, even if there are hundresds of unsatisfied customers.


How was your weekend? Did you brave Target? What was your experience like?

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  1. Anne

    I had Target stores everywhere were in chaos….so disappointing to see people acting like that over what? A dress? Shoes? Seriously? Ugh.


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