Exciting News and Updates!

Hello everyone!
Sorry for my absence, a few months ago I received some news and decided it was best to take a little break before I shared it online. What is this existing new you ask?  Well, in January Nick and I will be welcoming a new baby into our family!

IMG_2475^^ There is proof that there is at least something growing in my belly^^

When I announce this in public I always get the same few questions, so I’ll answer those for everyone al at once.

1. “Oh wow, are you and Nick excited?” Yes, we are very excited, however the constant throwing up, tiredness, and overall yucky feeling has put a bit of a damper on everything.

2. “Wow, did you guys plan it?” That is a little personal (getting pregnant apparently means you can ask literally anything and it’s somehow socially acceptable)  anyways we were not preventing a pregnancy.

3. “How far along are you?” 12 weeks and a few days.

4. “Do you want a boy or a girl?” It depends on who you ask. I want a little girl and Nick wants a little boy… I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a little cliche.

5. “Are you craving weird foods?” NO, and all food looks gross so keep it away from me. I am however looking forward to the day I have cravings and want to eat everything.

That’t just a little snapshot into my everyday life. I really don’t mind the questions, but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have so many friends who complained about morning sickness and I never understand what could be so bad… I take all that back now.
Now that the secret is out I’m hoping to start blogging more regularly again and use my blog to update everyone on our baby!

2 thoughts on “Exciting News and Updates!

  1. Heidi

    You should be getting to the end of the morning sickness pretty soon, there is hope! Pregnancy does seem to give people some sort of unspoken, assumed permission to say and ask the darnedest things, especially when you have more than one child already. For third pregnancies, everyone asks, “Have you figured out what’s causing that yet?” (you have to imagine me saying that in the tone of a complete, blithering idiot)…apparently the socially acceptable number of children is limited to two. And wait until your belly gets nice and round, that seems to give complete strangers permission to just step right up and put their hand on your stomach! The good news is, it also means people will be really nice to you…hold doors and give up their bus seats and stuff. So just try to let the annoying stuff slide and enjoy the good stuff, it’s all totally worth it 🙂


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