17 Week Update/ Gender Reveal

Hello everyone, I honestly wanted to start writing on a regular basis again; however, this baby has made me so incredibly sick, there was no way I had the time to sit down and actually write anything out. The good news is my Dr started treating me for acid reflex and that has pretty much done the trick! Since I’ve been so yucky the first four months I have zero pictures, which I’m sure one day in the future I’ll regret. I do have some pictures of the nursery and other cute things I have purchased since finding out I was pregnant. Before actually showing them I should also mention that we found out our baby is a BOY! I’ll admit to be slightly disappointed that I won’t get to buy dresses and sparkly shoes, but hopefully this also means my kid won’t be obsessed with frozen. I think I can live with the trade off.

Since Nick is a manager at In-n-Out, the hamburger pacifiers were a no brainer. IMG_2619

We ended up getting secondhand furnature from a family moving away, it’s in great condition and we paid almost nothing for it.
IMG_2719 IMG_2718
I have becoming obsessed with all things Adien and Anais!
I’m trying to pace myself and wait for my baby shower, but I had to order a sheet with a matching changing pad cover.
IMG_2715So many toys/ books/ bottles that friends and family have given to us.
I of course couldn’t pass up this adorable sign or blue backers from TJ Maxx!
IMG_2628 IMG_2627
I’m a little afraid at how full this closet will be by the time the baby actually arrives.
These adorable burp cloths were made by my grandma and sister, I’m crossing my fingers they will want to make even more before baby comes.
After my agents found out I was having a boy they decorated my desk at work!

I am really going to make an effort going forward to post a weekly update every Monday to share with everyone what’s going on. Right now we’re focusing on creating a baby registry and planning our baby moon (I’ll post more on that later.)
Any recommendations on baby products you loved or hated please comment and let me know!!

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