18 Week Update!


Today marks the beginning of week 18, and this is the first picture I have taken since I’ve been pregnant. I finally have a small bump starting, but more exciting to me is the energy that I have had in the past two weeks. My doctor starting treating me for acid reflex, and I am really feeling a difference.

I really want to talk about the physical changes your body goes through when you first get pregnant because it really is amazing/horrible. Around 6 weeks I found out I was pregnant and along with that came morning sickness. Everyone has seen the movies where the girl wakes up runs to the bathroom throws up once and that how she is clued it to being pregnant. Well that is not at all accurate. For about 12 weeks I was sick almost constantly, I was throwing up most of my food and couldn’t function if it didn’t sleep at least 12 hours. Looking May- July was really a blur which is why I wasn’t blogging or really doing anything beyond sleeping and working.

Going into my second trimester I was really looking forward to a break from all the throwing up. Now again everyone thinks, or at least I thought, that once your second trimester starts you just start feeling better no matter what. That was also not accurate, at 17 weeks I was still getting sick a few times a week, who knows what week 18 will bring, but slowly I’ve been sleeping 8 hours as opposed to 12 and eating more and more.

There are still some more weird things going on, but I’ll save that for another day. On to more fun topics, I’ve spend hours looking up diapers bags! So far I’m really loving some of the vera bradley diaper bag with the snap out changing pads. We’re also going to get Nick his own manly diaper backpack so he doesn’t have to carry around a girly diaper bag.

Do you have a favorite diaper bag, or something that I should look for in a diaper bag? Comment and let me know!

8 thoughts on “18 Week Update!

  1. Heidi

    Whatever you decide on for a diaper bag, make sure you can access all the pockets, changing pad, etc. with ONE HAND! Also, think twice about getting Nick his own bag…do you want to have to switch out bags every time you hand the baby over? You can find some really cute, yet not girly, bags that you can both carry with pride…especially for a boy baby. Glad you seem to be turning a corner with the energy and sickness. Everyone has a different experience. Some women have severe sickness all the way through. I wasn’t going to tell you that a few weeks ago, though 😉

    1. April Leher

      We had two bags and just kept them both stocked with the necessities. It worked great for us. Eddie loved having his own manly bag.


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