19 Week Update!

week 19 bump

Not so much to report since the past week has been more about work and less about baby. I do have a bit of a bump, but there are still days where I wake up wondering where the heck the baby went. I’m finally enjoying the things I use to love like grocery shopping and cooking! After 4 months of staying away from the kitchen all together I managed to make pizza bread, chicken piccata, banana bread and break burritos. That is the long way of saying I feel like myself again. IMG_2768So what has Nick been up to while I’ve been pregnant? Well he is very excited for football season to start. Sunday morning he drafted for him first fantasy football league (Right now he’s in two leagues, possible three by the end of the week.) He is excited about having a baby, and is great about rubbing my tummy and feet when they hurt. What a great hubby.

Just a little more before I bow out, I was lucky enough to get two full boxes of baby clothes from a friend who has a four month old. I also attended a baby shower for a friend due in September and it was so much fun to sit around and talk babies for a few hours. Can you get baby fever once your already pregnant? Not sure, but the more baby clothes I see the more excited I am for my baby.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Any second trimester recommendations you have? Please comment and let me know what I should be expecting or prepared for!


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