Baby Moon Part Two: Hilton Head Island

Happy Saturday!
I promised like two weeks ago I would recap the second part of my vacation, but life got a little crazy, so here I am writing this up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning!

So after Nick and I (and my grandparents) spent an awesome day and a half exploring Charleston we got in our car and drove over to Hilton Head Island to spend 5 days at the Disney Vacation Club Resort. When you travel with Disney you always know the amenities are going to be top notch, but this was something truly different than any of the resort is FL or CA that I’m use to. The resort was tucked away on the marsh side of the island and walking the grounds it felt more like cabins in the woods than a gigantic resort. Our villa had two from, two bathrooms, a full living room, full kitchen and my personal favorite spot a deck with a dining table and rocking chairs. We spend a lot of time in the room relaxing, and playing 4 hours Disney monopoly games!

Since the resort was on the marsh side of the island they did offer a shuttle over to their beach house. With a pool, quick service restaurant, T.V room and a bunch of games (ping pong, pool, ect.) the beach out had pretty much everything you needed. Plus beach front access to a beautiful beach. Now we went in off season so I’m not really sure if the pool house gets crowded during summer, but for us it was perfect. There was hardly ever anyone around at the house or the resort and it was easy to feel like you were there all alone!IMG_2959_2IMG_2960_2 IMG_2958_2

Really the goal of this trip was to unwind, Nick and I both work in stressful positions and we really needed to recharge our batteries. This ended up being the perfect vacation I really can’t imagine it going any better than it did. We did have the craziest time trying to get home, but I’ll have to save that story for another day!

Do you like realizing vacations, or do you prefer to go-go-go see everything we can in a day vacations? Comment and let me know! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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