30 Week Bumpdate!

30 week

So I have officially passed the 30 week mark and Nick and I are getting close to meeting our little man. The good news is that his weight is normal and I don’t have to go back to my high risk dr. The bad news is that starting at 32 weeks I have to start going in for stress tests twice a week.
In other baby related news, I found the perfect diaper bag while in South Carolina and I am obsessed with it! IMG_3020

It also came with a matching changing pad, and I bought a matching clutch! I know it’s a little early, but I couldn’t help myself. I have tried so hard to not buy anymore baby things because my shower is happening in two and a half weeks and I know I’ll be getting a ton of adorable things.
We also picked out the paint and fabric that we’re going to be using in the nursery! The walls are going to be light grey and we’re painting the inside of the closet a pretty aqua blue. I am going to wait to post anymore pictures until the entire thing is done.

I was going to talk all about the glucose test in the post, I failed the first one and had to go take the four hour long test, but it’s over and I’m not in the mood to revisit that. Anyone who has done it can relate I’m sure.

That’s all I have for this week, since I’ve been feeling better and have more energy I’m hoping that I’ll post an update at least once a week! Anyways I would love any baby advice so feel free to comment with your best advice for the last few months of pregnancy!

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