10 Things I’ve Learned as a New Mom

1. 8 hours of sleep is a suggestion, and something I won’t see for the next 18 years. Pre-mom i made sleep my top priority, getting at least the recommended 8 hours (and around ten hours during pregnancy.) Post-mom I’m lucky to get 5 hours, and that’s broken up into two or three small segments. Even when I’m completely drained I sometimes put off sleeping just so I can watch Emerson breathe.
2. Food temperature isn’t important… Pretty much everything I eat now is room temperature. I seriously microwaved my Olive Garden left overs 4 times before I just accepted that I wasn’t going to get to eat it hot.
3. There is nothing wrong with spending an entire day in bed… Last week there was a day I didn’t leave my bedroom until 5:30 pm, why? Because my life is sleep, feed baby, cuddle baby, sleep, feed baby, cuddle baby. All things that I can accomplish in my room. All joking aside, Nick went back to work two weeks earlier than anticipated and taking care of a baby alone is hard work, so some days I don’t feel bad if I never take off my pjs.
4. It is possible to go through 4 diapers in 10 minutes… Nick said this should actually read 4,000 diapers in 10 minutes because that’s what it feels like. I’m not sure if I gave birth to a jerk, or if he prefers to do his business in a clean diaper, but I pretty much know that within a few minutes of a diaper change there will be another dirty diaper.
5. Everyone has an opinion on how you should be raising your baby… Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, and the people in your life all have an opinion. Breast feeding vs formula, bedsharing, sleeping through the night, vaccinations- everyone thinks they have the answer for you, but the truth is…
6. All that really matters is what you and your partner want for your baby- obviously within reason, but I already feel like I have this ‘mom sense’ that I know what is ‘right’ for my baby. This doesn’t mean I have all the answers, and trust me I know that what works for my baby doesn’t work for every baby. The key is to be confident in your choices, do your own research and ask questions to people you trust. For me it’s my Drs and my mom who has been a big support in my transition into motherhood.
7. Cleaning bodily fluids isn’t so bad when it’s for the cutest little man… I mean no one likes cleaning poop at 4am, but it’s hard to complain about it when he looks at me with his big blue eyes. Plus I know that I will be cleaning up after him for many years to come.
8. Most jobs around the house can and will be completed with only one hand… Laundry= one hand, dishes= one hand, cooking= one hand, eating= one hand. Cause when baby is fussy and wants me to hold him I’m going to hold him and cuddle him.
9. My body can endure a lot more than I ever imagined… Between the amount of pain through labor and recovery, the lack of sleep, the discomfort involved in breastfeeding my body had gone through more than I thought I could handle. But you just suck it up and know that it’s all worth it in the end.
10. You can feel more love than you ever thought possible… Not just for my baby, even though just watching him sleep is enough to make my heart ache, but for so many people in my life. Watching my husband become a father had been so wonderful and when I watch him kiss our son or read a story to him at night I can’t help but feel the most intense love for the man I married. I have also felt so much closer to other moms, specifically my mom. I now understand the pain she endured and the love she felt. I know what it’s like to see your baby cry and feel so completely hopeless because you don’t know what they need and you just want them to be happy, or to be awake for 20 hours and feel so frustrated because he’s screaming and nothing is working, or to look through pictures and see how much he’s grown in just a few days and cry because that means he’s growing up and he’ll only be your baby for a limited time.


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