Baby’s First Month Essentials

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Today Emerson turns four weeks old! It’s crazy to think I’ve been a mom for that long because it really feels like he was born yesterday. So, I wanted to take today to share the products that have really made the last weeks easier.

  1. Homemade Burp Cloths: My grandma found a link on Pinterest for these burp cloths and they are the best! She used terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other, the flannel is soft so I don’t feel bad wiping his face with it and the terry cloth does a great job absorbing all of his spit up. We have been keeping them all over the house and we use about four or five a day. Here is the link that has the free pattern for the burp clothes! FullSizeRender
  2. Pack and Play: Nick and I opted to register for the pack and play instead of a traditional bassinet. It has an insert that we use as his bassinet and it can flip over and become a little changing table. Since Emerson is sleeping in our room, it’s great because it gives us everything we need close by. We also use the lower area to hold things like diapers and extra clothing since we’re not using it yet. pack and play
  3. Sleeper Gowns: This was a last minute purchase, about a week before the due date my mom bought me a pack of two gowns and I honestly doubted I would even use them. Fast forward to after Emerson is born… and because he liked to keep his legs bent up there was no way we could get his legs into the sleepers… Enter sleeper gowns, they’re amazing! He can keep his little legs up by his tummy, plus they are super cute. We ended up getting like 6 more after he was born, from amazon. I mean just look at how snuggly that baby is in his gown.
  4.  Bottle Drying Rack: This was a gift and has been super convenient! Since we’ve been supplementing with formula we’ve been going through a lot of bottles and that means washing them all. This rack is nice because it can fold up and be put away quickly, but it looks much better than keeping paper towels all over the counter. It’s also on Amazon, I mean is anything not on Amazon? Best. Thing. Ever. drying rack
  5. Aden and Anais Swaddles: They’re available at, you guessed it, Amazon. They’re pretty expensive, but I got lucky and found them on sale at Homegoods for like 45% off! They’re made out of muslin, which is soft and light so it’s great for Arizona. Oddly enough, we have never used them to swaddle, but we do use them for just about everything else. We lay them under him in his bassinet, or put them over him in his car seat or swing. I would suggest getting two or three packs because you really can’t have too many! aden

Some other items I have really liked are the Graco Swing/ Bouncer, Pamper SwaddlersPamper Sensitive wipes (So far no diaper rash, knock on wood), and this two person rocking chair.

What were your favorite baby products for the first month? Comment and let me know!

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