One Month Update

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I can’t believe Nick and I have been parents for over a month already, on one hand it feels like time is flying, yet on the other hand I don’t even remember life before Emerson. I am so happy I have this blog and I really want to take advantage of it so hopefully I can look back and remember everything about this time of my life.

Basics- Emerson weighs 7 lbs and 1 oz, and he is 21 and a half inches tall.
Feeding- After struggling for 4 weeks with breastfeeding Emerson is finally starting to get the hang of it, we’re now probably breastfeeding 80 to 90 percent as opposed to 50 or 60. I still give him formula ever once in a while because it’s so much easier or because Nick can cover a feeding and let me get some extra sleep!
Sleep- My little man is a great sleeper for the most part. He is sleeping around 5 or 6 hours through the night, with the occasional fussy night where he decides to keep me awake from 2am-7am!
Likes- He loves to be held vertical against mine or Nick’s chest, it’s his favorite way to fall asleep. He likes to listen to music, so far his two favorite soundtracks are Wee Sing Sillyville and the American Idiot Original Broadway Recording. We also just recently discovered that he loves Mickey Mouse, which is very important in this family.
Dislikes- He does not like when he wakes up all alone, and when we move him into his bassinet we can pretty much guarantee that he will be a very sad baby when he wakes up. He does not love the cold, especially those few moments when we move him from the warm bath water to the towel. The last thing Emerson really hates is having a wet or dirty diaper, we can tell right away when he needs a diaper change because he gets very fussy.
Milestone- Smiling is still rare, but after a good feeding Emerson has been know to have the biggest goofiest grin, he’s also very close to being able to suck his own thumb. We’ve just started to have tummy time and he is already trying to crawl, of course he can’t yet so he just gets really frustrated with himself.

Overall, this past month has been incredible and I am so excited to watch him grow up and hopefully be able to keep documenting his big moments.

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