New Mom’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

First Mothers Day


Hello Internet!
This is a very special week for me since this is my very first MOTHER’S DAY! This is also an important week for Nick because he has to figure out what to get me for Mother’s day. I put this gift guide together specifically with new mamas in mind, mostly to help the new papas with the gift purchasing process!

Under $25 
Floral iPhone Case
I am so into florals right now, plus the case is see-through, so you can see your pretty phone through it!
Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids
Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I am constantly posting pictures of Baby E, so a book on how to make my pictures better would be welcome.

Under $50
Geometric Coaster Set
These are so cute and come is so many colors you can easily find something for the new mom in your life.
Vera Bradly Beach Towel 
Perfect to take on Baby’s first beach day!

Under $100
Lush Bath Set
Since mom is probably not ready to leave baby for a full day at the spa, this gift is perfect for bubble baths at home.
Stovetop Popcorn Set
So I’m pretty sure no one actually needs this, but it’s so cute! Since going to movies with babies is not so easy, you can have a movie night at home.
Victoria Secret Pj Set 
Button down night shirts are great for nursing, and I practically live in my pjs.

Bath and Body Works Tote and Bath Set
You can buy it for only $30 when you spend $30 in store, who can say no to a deal like that?
Stand Mixer
Every home baker should have a stand mixer, but make sure you have the counter space before you buy it.

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift Ideas? Comment and let me know!

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