DIY Flower Magnets

DIY Flower Magnets cover pictureSometimes it’s hard to find ‘Me Time’ when I’m home all day with the baby. When I do find some alone my favorite thing to do is craft, so today I’m sharing my DIY Flower Magnets. I  always said I was going to be the mom that doesn’t allow artwork on her fridge to keep the kitchen looking chic, but let’s be real… My fridge, no doubt, will one day be covered in artwork, tests, and handmade gifts. In preparation to display all of Emerson’s things I decided to make some cute magnets.

Image-1Image-1-2Image-4Image-8Image-11Everything I needed I found at Joanns:
Circle Magnets
Mini Clothes Pins
3D Scrapbook Flowers
Hot Glue Gun

I started out by hot gluing the magnets onto the clothes pins, make sure to glue at the top of the pin where you would pinch it to make it open. After all the magnets are secured take the flowers and peel off the paper protecting the adhesive. Simply stick the flower onto the other side of the clothes pin and you are all done. I made 20 magnets in about 10 minutes, which might be some sort of record.

Alternative magnets:
If you don’t want to clothes pins you can just stick the flower directly onto the magnet, it’ll save you from needing a hot glue gun and cute the time of the project way down.

Do you have something special you like to do when you get alone time? Comment and let me know!

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