Three Month Update

Hello all!
Emerson is actually four months old now, but I felt like I needed to share is three month update before I can share the four month.

DSC_0836DSC_0844Emerson was able to have his first overnight trip. We drove to California and spend three nights with family. He was amazing on the 5 hour drive over and we only had to make one stop. I think he was getting tired and by the last day he was pretty fussy. On the way home we had to stop at Downtown Disney and buy him his first pair of ears!

Image-12Image-13 Image-14
This was the month we started to see smiles that were intentional. There is no better feeling than when Emerson look at me and smiles, my heart just melts. He is also very interested in all things music related he loves to hear people sing or watch people play instruments.

Image-3 Image-6
We’re still going strong nursing! I do give him formula when he with a babysitter, but that’s maybe once a week. He definitely nurses for comfort which is amazing considering how difficult is was to get him to breastfeed in the first place.

As far as sleeping he’s still in our bed. Part of me want to start sleep training, but he screams so bad when we put in down in his crib and he just won’t fall asleep unless we’re holding him or I’m nursing him. He’s up every few hours wanting to nurse so I let him latch then go back to sleep. He’ll nap maybe two or three times a day if we’re in the car or if I’m cuddling him.

Image-4Image-1This is going by fasting than I ever imagined. I just want to savor every moment I get to spend with him. I know in a few years I’ll look back at this and miss this pernicious time with him.

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