The Mom I Thought I’d Be

Hello everyone!
Today I’ve been thinking about the mom I thought I’d be.

She would wake up every morning and make herself breakfast before the baby woke up.
She would sleep train, and let her baby cry it out, because according to her DR that was the safest thing to do for her child.
She would exclusively breastfeed and it would be easy because she’d read so many online articles about it.
She would never allow her baby to watch tv, because there would be so many interesting toys for her baby to play with.
She would read books to her baby morning, noon and night.
She would take her baby on walks and grocery shopping while her husband was at work.
She would make homemade-babyfood.
She would use nap time to write, and clean, and keep in touch with all of her friends.
She would never have to ask her husband for help around the house because she would have enough time during to day to get it all done.
She would never get frustrated with her child.

This woman does not exist. She isn’t real and while I am able to do some of the things on the list, there is no way I can do all the things I thought I wanted. Emerson has slept in our bed from day one and sometimes I put him in his swing and let him watch tv so I can get 5 minuets alone to clean the kitten. There are days where I don’t leave the house because it’s such a hassle to get him ready and in the stroller. I rarely have dinner ready when Nick gets home because I haven’t had the time. There is no perfect way to parent and that’s fine. Being flexibly and allowing yourself to mess up is the only way to stay sane, trust me!

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