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We had so much fun with Emerson this week! My dad was staying at a nearby resort to celebrate his birthday and we took the baby down to have his first real pool day. Obviously, the first thing I thought about was how adorable he was going to look in his swim outfit, but my second thought was all about his safety. The sun in Arizona is so hot and bright, the last thing I want to do is let my baby get sunburned. We made sure we had his swim hat on him anytime he was in the sunlight and we also purchased baby safe sun screen. We followed the directions also taking note of the time limit. I think it’s so important to reapply because sunscreen is only water proof for a set amount of time and after that it’s gone. I’m happy to report Emerson ended the day without any burns and was very tired. Because it was midweek, and school is still in session in most places, the resort was almost empty and we had the pool basically to ourselves. I had so much fun just walking around the pool with him and I can’t wait to take him swimming a ton more! You can find his swim hat, shirt and shorts all at Target!

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