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Hello World,

About a month ago I decided that I needed a home office space since I have been blogging consistently, so I immediately sent Nick out to Ikea to pick up this beautiful desk for me!

I love love love this desk, but the best part is getting to decorate this area! I have some of the things done, but there is still a lot I want to do to make this space my own!

IMG_1684Something I love about my desk is the fresh flowers. I think pink and white carnations in a large mason jar looks good all season long, plus carnations are easy to find and inexpensive.

I also love my little magnetic chalkboard sign. I bought the one in the picture above at a craft show, but I’ve also made them before and they are super easy! I picked up a tin serving tray at my local Goodwill and painted it with chalkboard paint! It cost me about $7 and 5 minuets to complete. Don’t forget to make your own cute magnets, you can find my how-to here! 

succSomething I don’t have, but really want is a live succulent! They are so popular right now and really an easy plant to keep alive. Home depot has a cute assortment of desert roses that I’m thinking of buying and planting in a small mason jar. If you don’t want the hassle of a live plant, Target has some super cute fake succulents here! 

I’d like to put some clipboards on the wall so I can put different quotes and hang to-do lists. Of course I can’t just hang plain old clipboards so I plan on painting some with chalkboard paint. If you don’t want to DIY Target has cute ones here, here and here.

Hopefully I can get my office in order in the next month and share it with all of you!
What are your office space must haves? Comment and let me know!


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