Disneyland with a Baby

I’ve been going to Disneyland since I was six weeks old and last week I finally got to take Emerson on his first Disney trip. I thought I would share my top seven tips for surviving Disney with a baby. Image-2Image-8Image-6

  1. Prepare: Plan for any type of weather, we brought short sleeved onesies, long sleeve onesies, shorts, pants, and jackets. We basically used everything because we were out at so many different times during the day.
  2. Buy a Cheap Stroller: We left our big expensive stroller at home and brought this cute stroller from target instead. It was only $25, so if something had happened to it we wouldn’t be out hundreds of dollars. Image-1
  3. Stay on Property.. Or Close by: We always stay on Disney property and it makes the vacation so much easier! We left the park from 11:30-3:00 to let him cool off and nap in the hotel. It was a great way to keep him from getting over tired and it was only a short walk form the park. You can also watch the fireworks from the hotel and you get extra magic hours. Extra magic hours are times when the park is only open to those staying on Disney property, so it’s almost like having the park all to yourself.
  4. Bring Family: We traveled with my parents and grandparents. Nick and I were able to bring Emerson to my grandparents room early in the morning and get a few baby free hours in the park. It was so nice having time to ride the rollercoasters together, plus Emerson was getting extra nap time. Image-7
  5. Utilize the baby center: Each disney park has a baby care center, use it! Inside is a private nursing room for mothers, a little store where you can buy things for baby (Formula, pacifiers, food, ect…) and a little play area. It was so nice having a comfortable place to nurse.  This was definitely a life saver!
  6. Accept this trip will be different: You won’t be able to stay in the park open to close, and if you do you’ll probably have a very cranky baby. You’re not going to go on every single ride and you will probably end up spending a lot of your time looking for a shady place to sit. Don’t worry about taking them on every single ride, they’re not even going to remember this trip.Image-9
  7. Be Flexible: This was hard for me because typically I have a plan of attack, but with a baby you have to be flexible and be willing to follow their cues. We were in line for a ride when Emerson had a complete melt down. He was screaming so we decided to get out of the line and walk him to the baby center. In the moment I was stressed, but it really wasn’t a big deal and once we got him inside he was fine. Image-3

Hope these tips are helpful for your next trip with baby! Comment and let me know any tips you would add to the list!!

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