Their grass is only greener because they used a filter


There should be a warning for late night instagram surfing. So many nights I find myself clicking from feed to feed mesmerized by the exotic lives of people I have never met. For a while, I would find myself envying these people, effortlessly vacationing with their kids in Europe and taking walks in central park everyday.

Then I remembered a very important saying, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side” except with social media a better expression would be ‘Their grass is only greener because they used a filter.” It’s easier than ever before to manipulate your life and make it look like something it isn’t. I’m not saying using filters is bad or that editing your pictures is evil. I just think it’s important to remember that someone’s profile isn’t necessarily a good depiction of their life.

I know that I am guilty of only posting the very best pictures of Emerson because those are the ones I want the world to see. I post the picture of us playing at the park instead of the 3am wake up call. I post a clip of him giggling at the ceiling instead of the video of him screaming his head off because he doesn’t want to go to sleep.

So the next time you see a beautiful instagram feed filled with beaches, babies and designer clothing look through it, appreciate it, but remember it’s not real.

One thought on “Their grass is only greener because they used a filter

  1. Linda Woody

    Hi Cousin Haley, When you see my Facebook post pictures or view my blog, know that I do very little editing on my nature photographs and only do so to recreate what I have seen in life. I love your fine blog by the way! Have an extra-good day tomorrow!


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