5 Myths About Getting Married Young

5 Myths About Getting Married Young

Nick and I were both young when we were married, you can read about our story here.  When we were first engaged I had tons of people telling me why I wasn’t ready to get married. Five years and one baby later, I’m confident we made the right decision for us.

5. You Aren’t Old Enough to Know What You Want- Does anyone ever know what they want? There is no ‘perfect age,’ people who get married in their thirties can get divorced, just like people who get married before they’re twenty can get divorced. At the risk of sounding cliché I knew that Nick was the person I was going to spend forever with and I wanted to start forever as soon as possible.

4. You Aren’t Financially Ready- While I do agree that if you can’t afford to live on your own you shouldn’t be getting married, I don’t think that just because you’re young means you’re automatically financially irresponsible. By the time Nick and I got married we both had full time jobs and were able to fully support ourselves. Now Nick ‘s income in enough to support all three of us.

3. You Need To Finish College First- It is a lot easier to finish school first, especially if you need a degree for your desired profession. I know many couples who were married while they finished up their degree. Having a degree doesn’t mean you’re more qualified to be married.

2. You Need To Be Single- I do think it’s important to be independent, but that doesn’t mean ‘spend 5 years being single.’ It’s just about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Nick and I spent almost a year of our engagement living in different states and that time gave us a chance to learn to be apart. So while I agree that you need to know how to survive on your own, I don’t think that you need to be single to learn that.

1. You should spend time traveling- Traveling is great, it’s even better with the person you love. People kept talking to me like getting married meant I could never travel again. Will I ever spend a year backpacking through Europe, probably not, but I probably wouldn’t have done that anyway. I have been able to take some pretty amazing trips with the guy I love most.

What’s your take on getting married young? Make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts!

5 Myths About Getting Married Young
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One thought on “5 Myths About Getting Married Young

  1. Heidi

    There really is no perfect age. I was 23 and people told me I was too young. In another year, they probably would have been asking me if I was ever going to get married! I’ve known 30-somethings that were not nearly as well prepared for marriage as you and Nick.


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