5 Tips for a Clean and Cute Nursery Closet

5 Tips for a Clean and Cute Nursery Closet

5 Tips are a Clean and Cute Nursery 5 Tips are a Clean and Cute Nursery Image-9Image-17I’m pretty sure the first thing every mom-to-be does when she finds out she’s pregnant is start buying baby clothes. How could you not? They’re so cute and inexpensive compared to the clothes I”m used to buying for myself. With all those adorable outfits comes clutter and there are few things I hate more than clutter. I thought I’d share some of the products/tips that help me keep Emerson’s closet neat and organized.

5. First are these cute size separators. I found them on etsy, here, and they have tons of different designs. It’s nice because I can clearly see how many outfits he has in a certain size.

4. Quickly pick out items that are too small- It’s so easy to put off clearing out the clothes that your baby outgrows. I’m guilty of leaving up his onesies that are too small because I don’t want to admit that he’s actually getting bigger, but leaving them up is just creating a bigger mess. I use these super cute packing cubes from amazon to put his old clothes in, then I put it in storage. If you are positive you’re not having another baby you can sell it to a local consignment store, or save it for a friend or family member you can donate them to.

3. No closet doors- Hear me out. By taking off the closet doors you are basically forcing yourself to keep it clean. I love that we painted the closet a different color than the room because it becomes a super cute focal point in the room.

2. Use the same color hangers- This is kinda silly and I know I spent way too much money on little blue hangers, but it makes the closet look very uniform. I bought mine at Babies R Us, but I bet you could find them cheaper online.

1. Use the closet for things other than clothes- I love the shelves on the side because it breaks up the space and we’re able to decorate the shelves a bit. I keep his books, toys, and extra wipes on the shelves. You can mix it up with different boxes or colors to add your personal touch to it.

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Do you have any tips for keeping a closet clean and cute? Comment below and let me know what you did to make your closet special.

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