Our First House!

Buying our first home buying our first home

Nick and I closed on our home at the end of August! Today I’m only sharing the house hunting process, but I promise to share about the renovation process later. First of all, Nick and I could never be on an HGTV show, we were way too easy. Literally our must-have list had three items; safe neighborhood, attached garage, and a yard.

We didn’t think it would be too hard, but as we quickly learned the market in our price range is really hot right now and we were looking mostly at condos. We weren’t against purchasing a condo, if it was in the perfect location and it had extra space. After a week of looking at pictures of properties online we decided to expand our search and look out in Avondale, Goodyear and El Mirage. Those cities weren’t our ideal location, but we figured we could get more space and might have a chance of getting a detached home.

So we get a list of newly listed homes and we see the perfect place. It was detached with a two car garage, had three bedrooms, a beautiful yard and best of all was in our perfect location. Nick called Brent, our agent, and they met to go see the property at around 9am. By 11am we put in our offer, I hadn’t even actually seen the property, but we knew we had to move fast. It’s a good thing we did because there were multiple offers. We were trying to keep our expectations down and not think about it. I send a family photo and a letter to the sellers, expressing my love for their home and how I pictures Emerson growing up in the house. The next night Brent called, they liked my letter, but countered our offer. We had gone in with their full asking price and offered to pay all closing cost, but because of the interest they had decided to offer for about $4,000 more. We decided in the long run it wasn’t that much money and accepted the counter. The next morning we got the call that they accepted!

Seriously I can’t express how great Brent was, if you’re in AZ and need a real east agent use him!  You can find at at Brentwilcox17@gmail.com. Without him I don’t think we would have gotten the house. He got the offer in so quickly and was texting us the whole time keeping us in the loop!

How was your first home buying experience? Comment and let me know!

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