Baby Number Two and The Perfect Baby Registry

Baby Kennedy Number 2 Baby Kennedy Number 2. Baby Kennedy Number Two

Well baby number two will be here before we know it, and while some things are the same (like morning sickness) there are some big differences like my confidence level. The first time around was so overwhelming, between picking a carseat, highchair, stroller, swing, crib plus all the millions of little things that moms say are essential. The Baby Chubby recently reached out to me and asked me to help new moms by writing my version of the perfect baby registry. After checking out their website I was so happy to write this post and hopefully lend a hand to all the new mamas out there.

Before I jump in to the actual items on my list I want to talk a little about The Baby Chubby, because the more I research the company the more impressed I am. You can find their website here, and read all about their values as a company here. I was expecting a Babies R Us feel, but they’re so different. One thing I love is how much research they put into the products, they make it really easy to see the amazon reviews of the items and in the store they have iPads so you can price match and look up reviews without using up all your data. They also have a drive up feature where you pull into a parking spot, place your order and an employee will actually bring your order to the car. Their only location right now is in Utah (please please open one in AZ), but I feel like the last thing you want to do is get the babies out of the car when it’s really cold and snowing, so the drive up feature is pretty spectacular. The last thing that has me dying to visit this store is their massage chairs, when you spend $49 or more you get treated to a message in their store!

Owlet Monitor: 
We did not purchase this with Emerson, but many mommy friends have used this and Rachel Parcel over at Pink Peonies actually used this device and it helped her realize her week old baby needed to go to the hospital. It’s a small sock like device you put on your baby’s foot and it monitors their breathing and oxygen levels. Being a first time mom is already so scary and sometimes it feels like everything is just beyond your control. I think if we would have had this device with Emerson we would have slept way better those first few months.

Chico Key Fit 30: 
This is the carseat we settled on after tons and tons of online research. We’ve been using it for ten months so far with Emerson and plan to use the same one with baby number two (If you plan on reusing a carseat make sure you check the expiration date.) I like that the car seat clicks into a base and surprisingly the base itself ins’t that hard to move. You can also use the car seat without the base which is how we traveled with it through Idaho over the summer. You can purchase the Key Fit Stroller Base (we did) and the carseat just slicks into the stroller. Now that Emerson is older he doesn’t like facing in, but it was perfect when he was younger and especially great when he falls asleep in the car because we don’t have to wake him up to move it.

Another item that Nick and I didn’t have first time around. It’s something I just recently found out about, but I think it’s super cute. It’s like a pillow with raised edges so the baby can’t roll out of it. You can move it from room to room, and I know with Emerson we spent a lot of time having him nap in the living room so we could keep an eye on him. It can be used for nap time, play time and even diaper changes, though I would definitely use a cover cause diaper changes can get really messy really fast.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced:
Check your insurance before you buy this, your insurance should cover a breast pump! Mine did, but because I didn’t order it soon enough I ended up having to buy it myself. Even though we shelled out over $200 it was worth it. The plan was for me to go back to work, and even when I ended up staying home this pump was invaluable. Emerson had trouble latching and we had to work with lactation consultants for six weeks before he got the hang of nursing. If your baby isn’t nursing on their own you need to pump or else your milk will dry up. It’s also nice if you are able to stock up a little milk in case you want to have someone watch your baby. This pump comes with everything you need and I’m sure I’ll be using it way baby number two.

Aden and Anais Swaddles: 
These are more expensive that the typical blanket, and i was tentative about spending so much on swaddles, but they ended up being one of my favorite things. They are super soft and light weight so they were perfect to use here in the summer when I wanted to keep Emerson covered, but didn’t want him to over heat. Mine have been washed so many times and they are still in great condition! I will probably buy one more set for baby number two, but they can use used as blankets, swaddles, burp clothes, nursing covers and carseat covers.

Boon Flair High Chair: 
I know that all these items seem super expensive, but if there is one thing I really regret it’s not investing in a better high chair. I heard great things about the boon high chair, but instead I picked up a $80 high chair at Target figuring it was a right place to save money. The problem is the high chair I bought is covered in fabric that can’t be washed so i’t basically covered in nasty old food. It’s not super sturdy so I’m always worried about Emerson finding a way out and it’s just not that pretty. Really the best thing about Boon is that it doesn’t have any cracks or places for food to get stuck in and it’s not covered in fabric, so you can just wipe it down. If I had purchased this the first time around I know I’d still be using it for baby number two instead of buying a new one.

Obviously I couldn’t list every single thing, but these are definitely a good start. I do hope this helps some soon-to-be-moms. I want to give a huge thank you to The Baby Chubby  for sponsoring this post.

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