I’m a bad blogger

Okay… I’m worse that a bad blogger.

I’ve been seriously neglecting The Business of Blonde, but I really want to change that.
We’ve finally gotten into a little bit of a routine and I feel like I have a tiny bit of time to fully devote to this blog. I really want this to be a place where you can come to get encouragement and an honest look at motherhood.
What type of posts are you interested in seeing? I would love a little insight on why you’re visiting my page and what you’re looking for.
Right now my goal is to post once a week, I really think anything more than that would be too much.
A little update on life in AZ. Eloise is a sweetheart and has been such an amazing addition to our little family. I’m still contributing to North Phoenix Moms Blog, and have been writing about two posts a month for them.
I also just signed up with Dot Dot Smile so I sell children’s clothing, I have a Facebook page Here if you’re interested in the sweetest dresses and leggings around.

I think that’s all for tonight, but make sure you check back Monday for a new post!

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