Road trip with the Babies

We got the unfortunate news that Nick’s grandfather passed away last week. Since flights to Idaho were super expensive we decided to drive there. After surviving over 16 hours in the car each way I feel pretty confident in my ability to road trip with two under two. Here are a few tips if you find yourself in a similar situation.

  1. Take a big car- If you own a van I wouldn’t recommend renting a car, but if you have a tiny Honda Civic, like me, rent something larger. We ended up with a Minivan and it was heaven. We fit luggage for three adults and two babies, two pack-n-plays, and tons of snacks. It made the entire trip much more comfortable.
  2. Plan your route and stops ahead- We drove a longer route, but it had more cities to stop in throughout the drive. Before we started we looked at a map and picked four cities about three hours apart from one another to be our stops. We ended up skipping some and adding others, but starting with a plan is always a good idea.
  3. Stop at kid friendly places- I like to choose something I’m familiar with so I know the kids will have things to eat. We stopped at chick-fil-a three times on our trip because they have a great kids play area for the babies.
  4. Have a special car bag- I didn’t want to bring everything I needed for the trip in my diaper bag because there was no way it would all fit. I have a separate bag with extra diapers, wipes, three extra outfits, nail clippers, lotion, diaper cream, and other odds and ends. After every stop I would replenish my diaper bag with the goodies from the separate bag.
  5. Nurse as you go- Okay this is super dangerous, but sometimes Eloise would need a little extra nursing session so I would just lean over her carseat and nurse her. This was way easier than stopping constantly just so she could get a little snack. Obviously, I only did this when we were in the middle of nowhere, I would never do that on a busy road.
  6. Drive during naps or bed time- On the way home we left really early. It was perfect because for the first four hours the babies were sleeping. We were doing such a long trip that the babies were going to have to be awake. If you have a 6 hour drive or less try to plan it really early, really late, or during nap.
  7. SNACKS- When in doubt pack lots of snacks. I kept Emerson happy by giving him snack after snack.

Of course I couldn’t end the post without a cute picture of Emerson running around Boise. What are your favorite road trip tips? Even though we survived, I’m not sure if we’ll be making a drive like that anytime soon. Sixteen hours is a long time.

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