Mom Hacks: Diaper Bag Edition

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing my favorite hacks for making your diaper bag lighter and easier to navigate. I used a huge tote-style bag with Emerson and felt like I was always diving through my bag to find what I needed. After a few modifications I finally have a system I love.

Diaper Bag I Pouches I Sophie the Giraffe I Nursing Cover

Backpacks are everything. I have two favorites, my Jujube Be Right Back and my Fawn Design. I have been using my Fawn bag more regularly since it can be either a backpack or a shoulder bag. PS you don’t have to wear the backpack as low as I do. I gave up keeping the straps tight since Nick always needs to loosen them.

Find items that work double (or triple duty.) Less is best and finding items that do more than one job is key. My favorite item is my Sincerely Elephant nursing/ car seat/ high chair and shopping cart cover. It’s lightweight and cuts down on the amount I have to lug around.

Multi-use  Cover I Carseat 

Separate by child. I have two separate pouches within my diaper bag. They both have a pair of socks, change of clothes, diapers and wipes. It makes it so easy if I need to change just one kid, or when I drop them off at Sunday school I can send them with just their little pouch.

Wipes Pouch I Diaper Pouch 


There you have it, how to pack the perfect diaper bag! What are your must-haves?

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